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Smith Machine Bench Press

Smith Machine Bench Press


The smith machine bench press is an exercise carried out mostly in gyms, this exercise is primarily responsible for developing the chest, and other muscle groups like abs, triceps and shoulders. Smith machines can be found in gyms and learning how to use one isn’t challenging.


How To Perform A Smith Machine Bench Press

  • Under the barbell of a smith machine, place a flat bench.
  • Lay with your back on the bench, firmly grip the barbell with both hands extended slightly far from shoulder width apart.
  • Push the barbell up and then rotate it so it unhooks. It is important not flare out your elbows.
  • Lower the barbell slowly and pause right above your chest.
  • As many times as possible repeat the movement.


Advantages Of Smith Machine Bench Press

With a smith machine bench press safety comes first. It is designed to allow you stop the bar at the slightest feeling of a possible injury, not having to worry about your face, neck, or chest getting smashed by a barbell. An efficient workout session is guaranteed.

Unlike other workout equipment, form will definitely be the list of your worries.


Disadvantages Of Smith Machine Bench Press

Not having to worry about form, one has to bear in mind that other important muscle groups are not properly activated while performing a smith machine bench press. Not working these muscle groups will lead to not getting the most out of your exercise.

Putting together equipment needed for smith machine bench press at a home gym is quite expensive, as compared to an Olympian flat bench. If you have the resources and intend to workout harder without complications, then the smith machine is your best choice.

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