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How To Perform Tricep Dips



Thinking of an exercise that develops arm and shoulder strength? The triceps dip is an amazing bodyweight exercise that’s responsible for enhancing shoulder and arm strength. This is an easy exercise that can be performed almost anywhere, it has lots of variations to keep up with an individual’s fitness level. It would be a great idea to include this workout in your upper body strength workout routine.

The Benefits

The triceps dip is an exercise that makes use of your body weight to engage your triceps, chest and shoulders. This body movement develops strength and muscle in the upper body and core same time improving one’s physical being.

How To Perform Triceps Dip

With a stable chair, step or bench, firmly grip the edge right next to your hips while sitting on the edge. With feet hip-width apart fully stretch your legs allowing your heels touch the ground. Chin up facing straight ahead.

Lift your body up by pressing into your palms same time sliding a bit forward so as your butt does not come in contact with the edge of the chair, step or bench.

Slowly dip your body mass towards the floor with legs still fully stretched until elbows are bent into angles of 45 and 90 degrees.

Return to start position by slowly lifting yourself back up. Repeat this movement.

As a beginner, start with 10 repetitions and 3 sets. Reps and sets can be increased over time as you get used to each routine.

Common Errors To Avoid

Do away with these errors so as to avoid injuries and get the most out this exercise.

Shoulders Position

Avoid high shoulders position, always keep your shoulders down, far away from your ears. Endeavour to maintain an upright neck position throughout this exercise.

Shoulder Strains

When dipping, watch out for shoulder strains. Avoid dipping lower if you start feeling heavy strains on your shoulders so as to avoid possible shoulder injury.

Locked Elbows

Keeping your elbows a little bit loosed helps maintain tension on your triceps, do not lock your elbows at the top.

Do Not Lean Forward

Leaning forward during triceps dip will only work your chest and not your triceps. Endeavor to maintain an upright body position without leaning forward.

Variations and Modifications

The triceps dips can be tweaked in different ways to make it less or more difficult.

If executing 10 repetitions during a workout routine becomes difficult, modifying the chair dip will definitely reduce the intensity. Executing triceps dips with bent knees will also make it easier.

Limiting how far you dip your hips will for sure decrease the effort needed during these movements. As you advance, your body adapts and gradually becomes stronger revealing the need for increase in repetitions and range of motion.


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