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The Seated Calf Raise Exercise Guide 2020


Overview of the Seated Calf Raise

The seated calf raise is one of the machine seated raise exercises which helps develop the soleus muscle and other muscles found in the leg.

For some people, developing the calves muscle can be a bit challenging as it tends to be a stubborn group of muscle. As a remedy, one might need to perform calf raises from a variety of different angles or introduce high frequencies when training the calves.

The seated calf raise is an exercise that shouldn’t be left out when carrying out full body workouts or leg workouts.

Benefits of the Seated Calf Raise

  • Increases body stamina
  • Results in stronger muscles and calves
  • It is to subtract or add resistance
  • The tempo and pauses can be easily altered to increase difficulty


How to Perform the Seated Calf Raise

  • First, while seated on the machine, rest your feet on its platform with toes in a forward direction. This position automatically puts your heels in a hang off position. The base of quads should be under the knee pad same time resting both hands on the top.
  • Widen your ankles releasing the safety bar.
  • Dorsiflex your ankles lowering your heels until your calves are fully stretched
  • While flexing the calves, widen your ankles and exhale.
  • Repeated this moves until you reach the targeted amount of repetitions.


Tips for an Effective Seated Calf Raise

Execute this moves in a slow and controlled manner. Halt at the top restricting the momentum in other to achieve a contraction.

If you detect a stretch from the bottom of the foot while carrying out this exercise, limit the depth of your heels.

Movements should be made with the ball of the feet and not the base of the toes.

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