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The Cinderella Solution: Review - Everything You Need To Know


Obesity and excess weight gain has always been an issue in the society for a very long time, an issue most commonly found with women which has negatively affected their lifestyle, marriages and overall health. Most women find it difficult to control their weight gain especially after child birth, as a result lose the very cause of attraction which was once responsible for the spark between her and her husband. It is made known through studies that women find it difficult to lose weight and stay fit having gone through hormonal transition. As a result of decrease in metabolism caused by old age, women find it more difficult to lose weight and weight gain becomes almost inevitable.

Women who are hell bent on losing weight and staying fit are ready to go through all kinds of processes, although some are healthy, some are not. If you are having a hard time losing weight having gone through all kinds of weight loss processes, different prescriptions and workout routines and you need a fast and easy way out, then what you really need is the Cinderella solution.

This fast effective weight loss solution was created in other to help women who find it difficult to lose weight within a given period of time, lose weight effectively and fast. The Cinderella solution is the product of a research which helps with regulating natural hormones found in the body, the likes of insulin, estrogen and cortisol which helps with significant fat reduction which then results in weight loss.


The One Responsible for the Cinderella Solution

This magic-like product was created by Carly Donovan, a woman who has gone through the struggle of weight reduction and came out victorious. Ever since then, she has been a part of the weight loss business and it has been over ten years.

With thorough and careful research, she was able to come out with a solution which is capable of turning the tide in favor of women who find it difficult in losing excessive body mass.


The Cinderella Solution

The Cinderella solution is a weight loss solution for women, with the promise of effective results within the period of 28 days. Unlike other weight loss programs which require stressful processes, and takes time before results are visible, the Cinderella solution requires no rigorous practices, results are visible within a short period of time and also direct in approach.

The program has two stages and each of these stages can be completed within fourteen days. The Cinderella solution involves carefully selected meal plans which consist of variety of foods to help you lose weight effectively within the period if 28 days.

This 28 days weight loss program is separated into two phases, which are

  • Ignite phase – (2 weeks).
  • Launch phase – (2 weeks)

The Ignite phase educates you on body cleansing and detoxifying, eradicating the things which hinders weight loss, same time strengthening the hormones responsible for fat burn.

The launch phase teaches you on how to maximize taking advantage of your improved metabolic and hormonal body system.

What makes the Cinderella solution stand out compared to other programs it that, one isn’t restricted to a particular calorie count or diet. It rather introduces you to food pairings, movement sequencing, eating frequency and more, to focus on.


Alongside the program are different packages as extras which can be very beneficial to the user.

The manual: the manual educates you on the program, types and functions of the hormones responsible for weight loss in women. The manual exist in four parts which are:

Part 1: introduction to the program.

Part 2: How to use the Daily Nutritional Blueprint Book.

Part 3: Weight loss Combination and Flavor Pairs.

Part 4: How to use the Movement sequencing guide.


Cinderella University Book – it brings to light the causes of weight gain and weight loss in woman.

Movement Sequencing Guide – this will educate you on the workout movements to be added to your workout routine which is still part of the program.

Daily Nutritional Blueprint (Bonus) – this exposes the steps Carly Donavan herself took during her weight loss journey which enabled her lose about 85 pounds. This is a bonus material.


Accessing the Cinderella Solution - Purchase here.

You don’t have to worry about the cost as it is not expensive, for as low as $37.00, the Cinderella solution can be accessible. Once purchased, you get absolute access to a page where you can either download the whole program on your phone, tablet or personal computer, or access it online. Preferably, I will suggest you download it, as accessing is easier.

There is also a money refund policy should in case you have a change of heart. This becomes an advantage to you should in case you realize hormonal change in your body isn’t responsible for preventing your weight loss goals, as the Cinderella solution comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. That’s more than enough time to see if it is effective or not.

What You Will Find Inside This Program

As we already know the Cinderella solution is 28-day weight loss program that helps you get rid of the toxins and hormones responsible for either making weight loss unattainable or promote fat gain. This is as a result of boosting the fat burning hormones found in the body system, creating a suitable metabolic and hormonal environment. In this program you will find lots of useful information concerning weight loss, the female hormones, lifestyle tips, recipes, workout routines and meal plan, and a lot more to assist you gain the physique and lifestyle you so much desire.

It also contains a quick and easy to understand starter guide that lets you jump right into to program, in case you intend on skipping the main manual, which is not advisable as it contains valuation information like detailed descriptions, meal creators (DIY), recommendations and step-by-step instructions, alongside other information to assist you excel throughout the 28-day period.

Below are insights of what to expect as you go ahead to purchase the Cinderella solution.

Part 1 – Explanation of the program

Chapter 1: Weight Loss From the Inside Out

  • How and Where to get started

Chapter 2: Rituals for Weight Loss

  • Nutrient timing
  • Food coupling
  • Movement sequencing
  • Flavor pairing

Chapter 3: Launching Cinderella’s phase approach to weight loss

  • Ignite phase
  • Launch phase
  • Cycling both phases

Chapter 4: Macros and food pairing rituals

  • Power carbs
  • Prime proteins
  • Angel carbs
  • Royal fats

Chapter 5: Meal frequency and timing

  • Ignite phase (three meals daily)
  • Launch phase (four meals daily)
  • Time to eat


Part 2: Flavor Pairing and Meal Corrector

  • Portioning options
  • Three steps instruction guide
  • Portions and serving sizes

Part 3: 11 Weight loss Combination and Pairs

The Cinderella solution comes with a free quick start guide, alongside other healthy tips on diet, lifestyle and exercises for faster results. These includes:

  • 72 Dessert recipes.
  • A 21-day nutrition guide.
  • The movement-sequencing activity guide.
  • A best-selling workout DVD (Five Minutes to Look Younger).
  • A free one day detox.

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