How to Lose Weight: 11 Tips for Men

How to Lose Weight: 11 Tips for Men

Our today over-weighed middle aged man must have heard about that guy who lost over 10 pounds in a few months, by just giving up on consuming soda. Results being too good to be true just goes a long way in showing how adjusting our lifestyle plays a major role in weight loss for men.

All thanks to researches and documentations, there exist lots of healthy daily practices to help lose weight fast, easy and painless. This article will expose you to six easy tips on how to lose weight, and get in shape.

1.  Exercise

We all do know that exercising is generally accepted as a means of shredding some pounds. Irrespective of being busy with our daily activities, one can easily sneak in workouts schedules during the day and on weekends. You could start by taking the stairs in your place of work, taking early morning runs before getting ready for work, bike or walk on errands, and working out on weekends. 150 minutes of moderate exercise activity a week for adults is recommended by the CDC. (you could check out these indoor no-equipment workouts to add to your exercise routine).

2.  Have a goal

Setting a clear goal, writing out your goal and sticking it to where it can easily be seen daily serves as a reminder, and helps enhance efforts towards achieving that goal. Write out an amount of weight you will want to shred for the month and then take a record of your current weight by stepping on a scale. As you progress with your weight loss practices, you keep taking records of your weight by stepping on a scale. This activity helps you keep track of your progress in a long run.

3.  Drink the right and enough fluids

At all cost, endeavor to drink enough water daily, It is a necessary requirement for your body to function properly. Studies shows that drinking two cups of water before a meal has a role to play with weight loss, as it helps fill you up making you eat less.

4.  Do away with processed carbs or junk foods

These foods do nothing other than create a suitable environment for accumulating fat, belly fat inclusive. If you happen to find these foods irresistible, it is advisable you keep them out of your homes so you don’t get tempted.

5.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables brings lesser calories and plenty of fiber to the table, they easily fill you up too.

6.  Lift weights

Establish an exercise routine that involves lifting weights. This doesn’t just do away with calories, but also helps keep you in shape by gaining more muscle mass, giving you the physique of a super hero, everyone loves a super hero.

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7.  Stay active

Avoid staying idle, being in bed, sitting in front of a computer all day etc. Staying physically active doesn’t just make you more productive but also helps you burn more calories. It might not be a ground breaking success but every shredded pounds counts when it comes to weight loss.

8.  Laugh more often

Isn’t it amazing how laughing more often is linked with weight loss? Unraveled in a study at the European Congress on Obesity showed that individuals who laughed for approximately 10 to 15 minutes daily, burned additional 10 to 40 calories a day. Do the math by multiplying that by 365 days, definitely losing those calories will contribute to your weight loss goals.

9.  Get you a customized weight loss diet plan

A customized diet plan helps regulate how much and what kinds of food you consume in other to achieve your weight loss goals.

10.              Reduce or avoid alcohol consumption

Going to the bar with some friends can be fun and enjoyable. However, one bottle of beer is capable of housing 140-220 calories. And we all know how one bottle can lead to two bottles, and then three or even five.

11.              Keep track of what you eat

You might as well end up eating more than you think, that is why it is important to keep track of what you eat. To do this, you could use the MyfitnessPal app which is a free app and lets you log from anywhere and anytime.

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