5 Exercises to Help Undo Spinal Damage Caused by Sitting


The glutes, spinal erectors and mid traps are the muscles responsible for assisting you stand upright and extend, these muscles aren’t used when sitting, so with time they tend to weaken.

The exercises featured in this article trains the posterior chain which supports the hamstrings, lats and glutes. Giving strength to this group of muscles will undo the damage caused by sitting, promoting better posture.

For best effective results, perform the below workouts two to three times weekly.

Single-leg Kettlebell Deadlift Exercise

Rest a moderate-weight kettlebell on the floor directly behind your left foot. Having your weight on the right foot, achieve a straight line from your head down to your left heel. Swing your left foot fully stretched backwards, off the floor, picking the kettlebell with your left hand by hinging over your right foot. This posture leaves your left leg and spine parallel to the ground. Root your right heel the ground to enable you stand successfully upright. Repeat these moves eight to ten times then switch to the opposite side. It should be done two to three sets.

 Barbell Sumo Deadlift Exercise

With hands shoulder-with apart, feet wide, firmly grip the center of the barbell. With a slightly bent knee and a straight back, away from your hips bend forward until your back is almost parallel to the ground, with a lowered bar to the floor. Reverse to your initial starting position. Repeat these moves 8 times and 4 sets.


A Reverse Sled Pull Exercise

Position in front of a sled, hold both handles with both hands placed at hip height with arms 45 degrees stretched in front of you and palms married to each other. Away from your hips comes bent hinge and knees, draw your hands to your waist bringing back bent elbows. With extended arms stand up, then step backwards until rope becomes tout enough to return to its starting position. Repeat this position 8 to 10 times and 3 sets.


Band Walks/Clocks

To perform this exercise you need to wrap resistance band around your ankles, feet few inches away from each other, slightly bend your knees placing your hands on your hips, maintaining bent knees, with your left foot move a step forward and back to center. Move another step but this time behind you, then back to center. Switch directions after repeating this moves three times (moving backwards, out to side and then move forward). Switch legs repeating the same moves. Do three sets of these moves per side.


Farmer’s Carry Exercise

Next to both feet place a kettlebell on the ground, stand up-right placing feet hip-width apart from each other. Pick up the kettlebells with both hands while squatting, with palms facing the body and arms fully stretched at body sides, move or walk forward either back and forth on a straight path or randomly. When tired but not fully tired, squat back to return to initial position. Do this exercise three sets.

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