7 Best Indoor No-Equipment Core workouts


Worried you might not give your abs the attention they deserve as a result of being confined to your homes, having being denied the luxury of visiting a gym? This article is tailored towards enlightening you on the 7 best indoor no-equipment core workouts.

These workouts don’t just only build your rectus abdominis (also known as abs), they also tend to work on all the muscles found in the midsection of the body, the likes of the obliques (muscles found at the side of the body), transverse abdominis (the internal core muscles), and the glute inclusive.

Getting involved with core workouts helps keep you in good shape, gives you an eye catchy physique, helps you maintain body balance and in general, gives you a strong body. Solid core equals strong and sturdy foundation, making you fit for going after other fitness-related goals.

Below is a list of core workouts that involves the body weight as the only required equipment. The good news derived is that, it can be done anywhere; behind closed doors, your living room, bedroom, courtyards, etc.




With push-ups it is more like killing three birds with one stone. It builds your arms, abs and shoulders.

Kick-off with body stretched to its full length, in a high plank, with both palms placed flat on the floor, hands placed shoulder-width from each other, glutes and core engaged.

Lower the body with the help of your elbows, you could lower the body till your chin and knee touches the floor if need be. Lift your body weight by pushing through your palms placed on the floor. Do this repeatedly.

If new to push-ups you might find it difficult at first, being able to do a few numbers of push-ups, but as time goes on you will get used to it. As a guide, set a total amount of push-ups you will want to do for a day, the next day try doing more push-ups compared to that of the previous day.

It aims at building the pectorals, triceps, core and deltoids.


Forearm Side Plank with Twist


Leaving out the side work, your core workouts won’t be complete.

Kick-off by supporting the body with the left forearm, elbow placed underneath the shoulder. With body stretched at its full length, rest your right foot on the left foot, raise your hips of the floor by twisting your glutes and abs.

Bring the left elbow to unite with the left hand by turning your torso en route for the floor. Do this without dropping the hips to the floor. It is important to ensure body movement comes from the core.

Do this body movement repeatedly. Do it on both sides.

It develops the core (mainly the deltoids and obliques).


Bicycle Crunch


Bicycle crunches targets building the midsection of the body by simultaneously moving the upper and lower part of the body. The goal is to merge opposite elbows and knees while keeping your flat back married to the floor.

In executing a bicycle crunch, lay back flat on the floor with raised legs bent at 90 degrees supported by your hips, hands behind your head, elbows pointing towards your sides, lift your shoulders from the floor using your abs.

Squeeze your core bringing your right elbow to meet with your left knee same time stretching your right leg. Continue this body movement by changing sides until you feel your abs working.

Aims at developing the core (the obliques and rectus abdominis)


Plank to Downward Dog Tap


An immense amount of strength and control is required to execute the plank to downward dog tap.
In executing a plank to downward dog tap, kick-off with a high plank, wrist placed underneath your shoulders and feet pinned to the floor hip-width apart from each other.

Move the hips up and back with your heels reaching for the floor thereby creating a downward dog posture.

Maintain a tight core as you bring your body mass forward getting back to the high plank positionDo this repeatedly.

Aims at developing the core, rhomboids and deltoids.

Boat Pose


In executing a boat pose, you literally maintain a boat pose for about 60 seconds. Sounds easy but challenging.

You kick-off by sitting upright with bent legs and feet on the floor.

Maintaining closed legs while slowly raising them off the floor to a fourty-five degree angle to the torso. Balanced on your tailbone with a flat back, make sure your entire core is engaged.

Keeping your knees bent or stretched is entirely up to you, but for a tougher challenge keep it stretched.

You could either place your hands on the floor if you feel the need for a support or stretch your hands out, parallel to the floor. Maintain this position for a certain amount of time.

Aims at developing the core, shoulders and hip flexors.


Diamond Push-ups


Executing diamond push-ups, your arms gets involved with all the serious work. Push-ups is simply a vertical moving plank.

Kick-off with hands placed on the floor, shoulder-width away from each other, get into a high plank and shoulders placed directly above the wrist, engaged glutes and core with legs fully stretched.

Form a triangle with your forefingers and thumbs by bringing hands together.

Bring your chest to meet the ground by bending your elbows. With that being done, lift your body mass back up by straightening your hands.

Do this body movement repeatedly for at least a minute or two.

Aims at developing the core, pectoral and deltoids.

Lateral Plank Walk

This particular exercise usually puts the whole core into action I other to ensure stability and constant motion.

Kick-off with hands placed on the floor, shoulder-width away from each other, get into a high plank position and shoulders placed directly above the wrist, engaged glutes and core with legs fully stretched.

Starting with your right foot and right hand, make a move to your right, following with your left foot and left hand. Do this body movement while maintaining a high plank position. This is one action.
Continue with this movement in a set amount of actions in a direction, repeat same amount of actions in the opposite direction.

Aims at developing the core, triceps and deltoids

Final words

The above listed home workout is affiliated with strength training and body weight workout, these are all workouts that can be done from the comfort of your home, building the upper body and increasing your fitness level effectively without the assistance of a personal trainer.

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