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5 Best Diet Plans For Effective Weight Loss

5 best diet plans for effective weight loss

In addition to your weight loss plan for weight loss goal, having a diet plan can also be an effective way to burn calorie or more, thereby reducing body weight.

It is true you might get confused as to which of these diet plans tends to be more suitable, effective and sustainable because of how vast these plans are. But believe me when i say these listed weight loss diet are all tailored to assist you attain healthy weight loss. 

It is important to know that some diets are designed to influence your appetite towards reducing your food intake, while other diets plans restricts you to calories, carbs or fat intake.

This article is going to expose you to five best diet plans for effective weight loss. Most of these edibles goes way beyond helping you lose body mass but also offer other health benefits.

 1. Edibles based on plants

If you really, really want to lose weight you should give into the thought of going into vegetarianism and veganism, as it is a good menue for effective weight loss

If you really do love meat like I do and you don’t see yourself giving up on eating chicken wings, perhaps you could dive into a flexitarian diet which involves having to eat a moderation of animal products and a high proportion of vegetables.

An insight: Unraveled in a research, a plain vegan diet tends to be more effective in weight loss, compared to a flexitarian diet. In a 12 study review of 1,151 participants discovered that people who switched to plant-based edibles lost 4.4 pounds compared to people who included animal products to their edibles, people on a plain vegan diet lost 5.5 pounds compared to people on a plant-based edibles.

Other health benefits: Diets based on plants tends to reduce the risk of chronic conditions, the likes of diabetes, heart diseasehigh blood pressure and certain cancers. Compared to animal products edibles, it can be environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of plant-based edibles for weight loss is that, it limits you from accessing other nutrients found in animal products which are also essential to the human body for a perfect health. These nutrients are the likes of vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and calcium.

Unless there exist supplements for these nutrients, flexitarian diet approach is advised as it helps account for these nutrients therefore having a balance in your food.

2.Intermittent fasting

In this plan, you get to get involved with fastingfasting within a set time, it promotes calorie deficit in a day. It has proven to be an effective means for weight loss, most effective among other methods. 

The only way this method stops being effective, is if you eat excessively during the period you are allowed to eat, where as taking in too much calories.
An insight: A review showed that people who practiced intermittent fasting showed weight loss of 3 – 8% in over 3 – 24 weeks. A great result compared to other methods for weight loss
In the same review, intermittent fasting has the potential to reduce waist circumference which gets rid of harmful belly fat.
This method also increases metabolism by burning fat, same time preserving muscle mass.

Other health benefits: This meal has the ability to enhance brain health, anti-aging effects, insulin sensitivity increase, inflammation reduction and alongside other health benefits.

Disadvantages: Shedding weight through intermittent fasting tends to be disastrous to Individuals who are prone to blood sugar level instability, the likes of pregnant women, individuals with diabetes, low body mass or eating disorder, should seek advice from a health professional before diving into this menu. If you find yourself in this category, i'll advice you stick to other menus for losing body mass.

3. Low carb diet

Experience weight loss with Ketogenic dietAtkins diet, high-fatlow carb, as these are all examples of diets with low-carb and are all effective foods for weight loss.

Some of these diets restricts you to fewer calories intake more than others, take the ketogenic diet for example, it reduces macronutrient intake with calories under 10%, while other diets reduces macronutrient intake with calories under or less than 30%.

Low-carb diets consists more of fat and protein, restricting you to carb intake being a healthy food to lose weight. Diets with very low-carbs like ketogenic, lets your body make use of fatty acids for energy in place of carbs. Ketosis is the terminology.

An insight: Unraveled in many studies, showed that low-carb diets aids effective weight loss compared to other conventional low fat diets.  Thinking of a very effective means to do away with belly fat? I’ll recommend you go on diets with low-carbs.

Other health benefits: Diets with low-carbs tends to decrease risks factors responsible for heart disease, factors such as high blood pressure level and cholesterol. Also people with type 2 diabetes may experience improved insulin level and blood sugar level.

Disadvantages: Very low-carb diets tends to be difficult to keep up with and in some cases, it is possible to raise awful cholesterol level. With some people, it can bring about digestive upset. A very dangerous and rare condition known as ketoacidosis, a metabloc condition if left untreated tends be very fatal, can be as a result of very low-carb foods.

4. Paleo diets

paleo diet has to do with eating whole foods, unprocessed foods, likes of vegetables, lean meats, fruits, seeds and fruits. This stone aged food is built on the theory that most modern diseases are as a result of the introduction of western diets.

This food rations strictly forbids the intake of processed foods, the likes of sugar, dairy, grains.

An insight: These unprocessed foods, according to studies, is also an effective way to lose weight also reducing harmful belly fat. A study revealed that people who depended on these foods to lose weight, on an average lost 5.1 pounds, also reducing their waist circumference. Due to its content being high in protein, the paleo diet tends to be more satisfying compared to other low-fat diets.

Other health benefits: This menu tends to decrease risks factors responsible for heart disease. These factors include high blood pressure, cholesterol alongside triglyceride.
Disadvantages It deprives you of other nutrients found in processed foods, foods like grains, dairy and legumes.

5.Low-fat diets

For years, low-fat edibles have been the most used diet as the best diet to loses weight fast. Theses diets, restricts you to a particular amount of fat intake in a day to about 30%. Some very low-fat diets

Unlike protein and carbs, fat produces double the amount of calories gotten from these two macro-nutrients. Very low fat diets are mostly gotten from plants, has no place for animal products.

An insight: Unraveled in thirty-three studies, about 74,000 people who participated found out that the outcome of following a low-fat diet was minimal but relevant.
For a better results, very low-fat diets ten to show more effective results. This was confirmed in an 8 weeks study which showed 56 people who participated made an average weight loss of over 14.8 pounds after going on a very low-fat diet plan consisting of 7-14% fat.

Other health benefits: Low-fat diet is also responsible for reducing the risk of having a heart disease, stroke and they also help with inflammation reduction and diabetes.

Disadvantages: Avoiding fat in your food for a long period of time may cause health problems as fat is also necessary nutrient needed for building hormones, cell improvement, and nutrient absorption. 

Having very low-fat diet on a long run can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome in the body.
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Final words

Having a healthy weight is a necessity, Losing weight has always been a challenge to most people in the society. An individual might chose to lose weight for various reasons. Instead of resulting to diet pill as a means of weight reduction, why not do it the natural way which is more cost effective, get involved with physical activity, get you an eating plan, reduce your calorie intake, follow up weight loss program, get involved with some fat burning

The above listed 5 effective weight loss diets exposes you to healthy eatingcalorie restriction and sets a path towards successful weight loss.  

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